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Morbid Curiosity Book Information
Read what others say about Morbid Curiosity:
"A rollercoaster ride to the final resting places of every dead celebrity you ever hoped to visit. Elaine McCarthy has really done her research. MORBID CURIOSITY is loaded with photos and information about the stars -- their lives and careers through their final moments. It's a great resource." Laurie Jacobson, author of HOLLYWOOD HAUNTED and HOLLYWOOD HEARTBREAK

Subtitle This One "BURIED TREASURES ROAD TRIP", September 7, 2002
"This is a delightful book which will appeal to virtually every reader with an interest in pop culture, U.S. Travel, cemetery culture, and/or grave hunting. The author criss-crossed the United States in search of interesting grave sites in literally all regions of the country.
This book claims to deliver the burial places of 150 prominent celebrities from predominantly the entertainment industy and does so quite successfully. The actual instructions provided in locating a specific gravesite are quite accurate. (I took this for a test ride to locate reknowned Drummer Gene Krupa and Oswald assasin Jack Ruby. Both were found in five minutes!) Also provided are often humorous and sometimes poignant thumbnail biographies of the subjects covered as well as often unknown or forgotten factoids. For the immobile traveller, full page photos of grave sites are also provided as an unexpected bonus.
What makes this book a standout however, are the humorous and thoughtful comments made by the author and her fresh writing style. Her enthusiam for her topic pours out of every line. This book is a wonderful companion piece to Mark Masak's equally wonderful HOLLYWOOD REMAINS TO BE SEEN. While there is a slight overlap in topics covered because the later addresses Los Angeles burial sites exclusively, both books compliment one another and are fun reads as well as unconventional tour guides.
I am anxiously waiting the publication of the second book in this series!"
Gail Powers, from Homewood, IL United States
I'd like to introduce my book: "MORBID CURIOSITY: Celebrity Tombstones Across America." It is a fascinating book about celebrities, their tombstones and final stories.
Although there have been various books of the same genre, MORBID CURIOSITY approaches this topic in a whole new way. This book is not about obscure faceless people from years ago. All the celebrities in MORBID CURIOSITY are well known personalities from television, movies, music, comedy, etc. Also these tombstones (like most "grave" related books available), are not just from the "big three" cemetery locations being: Chicago, California or New York, they are as the title states, from "across America."
Although the topic may appear to be "morbid" in nature, the real purpose of the book is to satisfy your "curiosity." It is unfortunate and a reality that some mega-stars cannot handle fame and excessive fortune gracefully. It is the sensationalism of their lives and deaths that makes them icons forever. MORBID CURIOSITY, merely tells the story in intimate details about their abuses, exhumations, corpse thefts, hearse jackings, unusual funerals, alleged last words and reported hauntings.
Along with my children, I traveled over 30,000 miles around the United States so that I could bring to my readers, beautiful black and white photos of their favorite celebrity's tombstone, along with explicit directions to each grave. Financed with savings from my former profession as a N.Y.C. high school teacher, I embarked in a RV across country with my three daughters and Doberman in tow. While out on my quest, my husband remained at home to hold down the fort.
We ventured into small towns throughout our country meeting people and seeing sites that most Americans unfortunately never get to experience. We saw small towns like Fairmount, Indiana who dedicate their entire existence to James Dean. As a stranger visiting their town, most locals knew immediately what my purpose was and my question for directions to the famous grave would be interrupted by, "I bet you're here to see so and so." Most would be so accommodating that they would drop whatever they were doing to personally escort me to the grave. As a courtesy for being so hospitable, I thanked that person in my book. Others told me stories about their famous eternal resident. During one occasion, I spoke to some older men in Penn Argyl, Pennsylvania that claimed to have gone to high school with Jayne Mansfield. As I was standing there listening to them I couldn't help but think, "These guys went to high school with Jayne?" But because she is forever young in our minds and frozen in time by death, we cannot fathom her as an older lady had she lived.This experience made me realize that these Hollywood gods, were just merely at one time just "the kid next door.
After the travel came the research. I wanted to make this book as interesting as possible and not turn it into some lifeless obituary. I wanted to write about carefully researched stories that were hard to believe but true. As I began to write the text, I became intrigued by the many gossipy stories available. However, I was careful to balance the interesting tales with good taste so that I would not embarrass or offend the surviving family members.
I was quite lucky that with this being my first book, I was offered a contract with a major publisher within the first year of it's completion. But then after a lot of thought, I decided I wanted three things: a) have full control over my work and it's content, b) to reap the lion's share of the profit (since I did all the work and travel), and finally c) I wanted control over it's distribution and promotion. I did the unthinkable and turned down their offer, and opted to self publish. This would also mean financing the printing and the promotion that went along with this endeavor. All of which can be done within a budget.
Most have asked what prompted me to undertake (pardon the pun) this project. Was I always interested in graves and cemeteries? Not really, I never gave them much thought. Originally I am from New York and when I moved out to California all my star struck friends who are Marilyn Monroe fans requested I find her grave and snap a picture to send back home. Her grave is perhaps one of the world's most photographed and quite nice to see for the first time in person. While visiting her grave in this very small Los Angeles cemetery (Westwood Memorial Park) I noticed that I was surrounded by the likes of Dean Martin, Eva Gabor and Beach Boy, Carl Wilson, not to mention many others. Since my first trip, Westwood has now become the permanent residence of our favorite "Odd Couple," Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau who are now co-staring eternally almost side by side.

Book: Morbid Curiosity: Celebrity Tombstones Across America Volume I
 336 pages, Dimensions: 9X11  
Retail Price: $31.95
150 plus large, gorgeous black and white of each celebrities grave
A fascinating book about celebrities, their tombstones and their final moments

Who's who in Morbid Curiosity:
Glamour Girls - Bette Davis Ava Garner Janet Gaynor Jean Harlow Susan Hayward Rita Hayworth Margeaux Hemingway Jayne Mansfield Marilyn Monroe

The Rat Pack- History Sammy Davis Jr Peter Lawford Dean Martin Frank Sinatra

Rebels Without A Cause - Jim Backus James Dean Sal Mineo Natalie Wood

Forever Etched In Stone - Erma Bombeck Truman Capote Ernest Hemingway Dorothy Kilgallen Margaret Mitchell Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Jackson Pollack Andy Warhol

Famous Brothers - The Marx Brothers Chico Groucho Gummo Harpo
The Warner Brothers Harry and Jack

Five Stooges - Joe Derita Larry Fine Moe Howard Jerome Howard Shemp Howard

The Little Rascals - Scott Beckett - "Scotty" Darla Hood - "Darla" June Sprigg - "Miss Crabtree" Carl Switzer -"Alfalfa" William Thomas - "Buckwheat" Petey the Dog George MacFarland - "Spanky"

Season Finales - 1950's I Love Lucy Desi Arnaz - Ricky Ricardo Lucille Ball - Lucy Ricardo William Frawley - Fred Mertz Vivian Vance - Ethel Mertz
The Honeymooners Jackie Gleason Audrey Meadows
Bewitched Marion Lorne - "Aunt Clara" Paul Lynde - "Uncle Arthur" Agnes Moorehead - "Endora" Dick York - "Darrin #1" Elizabeth Montgomery - "Samantha" Dick Sargeant - "Darrin #2" David White - "Larry Tate" Alice Pearce - "Gladys Kravitz" George Tobias- "Abner Kravitz" Maurice Evans - "Maurice" Sam's Dad
Bonanza Dan Blocker - "Hoss" Lorne Greene - "Pa" Michael Landon - "Little Joe" Green Acres Pat Buttram Eva Gabor
Fred Allen - "The Fred Allen Show" Bob Crane - "Hogan's Heros" George Reeves - "Superman" Phil Silver - "Sgt.Bilko"
1970's TV and Beyond Nicholas Colasanto - "Coach" Cheers Bert Convy - Game Show Host of "Tattletales and Password" Selma Diamond - Bailiff on Night Court Freddie Prinze - "Chico" on Chico and the Man
TV Dads Robert Reed Danny Thomas Robert Young

Dynamic Duos - Lou Costello and Bud Abbott Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy George Burns and Gracie Allen Clark Gable and Carole Lombard J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau

Song, Dance and Comedy - Charles Boyer Bing Crosby, and Al Jolson

The Great Showmen - Charles Atlas Harry Houdini Ernie Kovacs Liberace

The Wacked and the Rested - Albert "Umberto" Anastasia Humphrey Bogart James Cagney Al Capone Sam Giancana Meyer Lansky Charles "Lucky" Luciano Lee Harvey Oswald Jack Ruby Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel

Last Laughs - John Belushi Lenny Bruce John Candy Chris Farley Sam Kinison

Matinee Men - Lee J. Cobb Peter Finch Bela Lugosi Vic Morrow Spencer Tracy

The Last Roundup - Gene Autry Montgomery Clift Chuck Connors Alan Ladd Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Trigger John Wayne

Classics - John Barrymore Douglas Fairbanks Sr Douglas Fairbanks Jr Errol Flynn Mary Pickford Tyrone Power Virginia Rappe Lillian Russell Rudolph Valentino

And A One And A Two.... - Louis Armstrong Leonard Bernstein John Coltrane Miles Davis Tommy Dorsey Benny Goodman Gene Krupa Buddy Rich Mel Torme

The Day The Music Died.... - Rock and Roll 1950's Carl Perkins Elvis Presley The Winter Dance Party Story Buddy Holly J.P. Richardson "The Big Bopper" Ritchie Valens
1960's Sonny Bono Carl Wilson
1970's and 1980's Karen Carpenter Andy Gibb Terry Allan Kath
Songdudes Nat King Cole Sam Cooke Harry Chapin Jim Croce
Song birds Billie Holiday Mary Wells
Country and Western Patsy Cline Dottie West Tammy Wynette

Cut! That's a Wrap! - John Cassavettes Cecil B. DeMille John Huston David O. Selznick Darryl F. Zanuck

Elvis Presley
January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977
Graceland Estate
Memphis, Tennessee
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