MORBID CURIOSITY: Celebrity Tombstones Across America
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Other cool sites to visit
Some of these site owners have become my friends through our common interest celebrity tombstones and the world of entertainment. Please visit them as you have visited me.

A real cool site about the topic of murder. Marc Janeway covers EVERYTHING! An excellent resource.

Murder Resources - murder related news, books and web resources.

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CellManners is a site devoted to promoting civility between cell phone users and the people around them.

Beneath Los Angeles is run by Steve Goldstein. His site is home to the famous, the infamous, and the just plain dead. Look for his upcoming book of Los Angeles graves. Good Luck, Steve

 Ally has a great site with very organized grave  locations and photos. It is rapidly growning and not a site to miss.

The Mortician is operated by James who is really a mortician! His site is very informative about death. Not only do I like his site for what it has to offer, but he did give my site the award for excellence, which I will treasure always! Thanks Jamie!
This is a great site set up by my good friend Robyn. If you miss this site you will regret it forever......

"Solitude in Stone" is a newsletter put out by my good friend Clyde. It is all about Tombstones and anything to do with them. It's $6 for one year; $11 for two years, and $15 for three years.
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