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Me and My Favorite Tombstone
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Here's the opportunity to post your own photo of yourself and your favorite tombstone. It doesn't have to be a famous tombstone, just your favorite....
Just send it to my email address:
or if you need to send the actual photograph, send me an email and I'll be happy to send you a mailing address.
So don't be like the angel below, just thinking about it, send a pic today.
Photo submitted by Anneabe.

This photo was submitted by my friend  Clyde Chamberlin, who is the publisher of Solitude in Stone, a quarterly newsletter.  This is one of the many tombstones he has tracked down. The story behind it's unique style is just as great....

Archie was a plumber by trade, and a practical joker at heart. He was also dying from a liver disease due to excessive drinking and he knew it.
While he was in Hixville, Ohio, he backed over two parking meters, for which he received a citation from the police. He made the remark, "well, since I've paid for them, can I take them home?" to which the sheriff replied, "Sure, they're no good to us now."
He took them home, put new pipes on for the stands, painted them black, welded the coin slot so it couldn't be changed, and modified his will. He stated that upon his death, one was to be placed on each end of his monument and they were to read "EXPIRED."
Clyde has sold this photo to over 60 newspapers and magazines, and the Los Angeles Times used this photo daily for one whole year and their ad read, "Is Your Los Angeles Times Subscription About To Expire?"
After Clyde appeared on Channel 28 in Tampa, Florida, he arrived home to a ringing telephone and the lady asked if he knew anything about the monument. Upon hearing Clyde's "no," she then said Archie was her husband's cousin, and told him the entire story.
Clyde is coming out with a book and this parking meter's photo will be on the front.

Scippio Cemetery, Harlan, Indiana

Submitted by Jeff Johnson
The attached photo was taken at Arlington National Cemetary on a recent trip to DC. This gravestone is located within a stone's throw of both John F. and Robert F. Kennedy's graves.

These photos below were submitted by Michelle Gerdes whom I met at the San Luis Obispo Book Expo. This is what she had to say about her very unique and favorite tombstone: "I like to take photos of stones that catch my eye. This one is @ Oakhill Cemetery in Oakhurst California, near Yosemite National Park. What a profile this guy has. His name is Peter Ledger. I read the epitaph on the stone at the time but had forgotten it, so I looked him up on the internet, "who knows, maybe I'll find something". Boy Did I! ~moggy/epitaph.htm"  (link might not work so type it in, sorry) has the words to the epitaph which my cheap camera failed to pick up clearly. Also on the site is a story of a curse once placed on a piece of the stone that was stolen. "

Here's Dolores sitting in her living room, just kidding. This person wanted to spend eternity in replica of their living room, complete with two arm chairs and fireplace. You can see this tombstone at the Home Of Peace Cemetery in Los Angeles.
Here's Steve  Goldstein who operates the site Beneath Los Angeles sitting on his favorite tombstone. It is the grave of F.W.Blanchard, the developer of the
Hollywood Bowl.
Steve likes it for it's beauty and calls it "The Weeping Lady." You can see this tombstone at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
Here's Karen from the famous site Hollywood-Underground sitting upon Tyrone Power in Hollywood Forever Cemetery located, where else? Hollywood, California.
Dolores, Denis and Anne all standing by MY favorite tombstone. Curly Howard. Denis who was deemed by FindADeath as a "gravehunter extraordinaire", unfortunately is no longer with us. I offer this photo as a memorial to him.
Rest in Peace Denis.
Here are three photos of Jack Waite's favorite gravesite, his own. It is located in Our Lady of Grace in Bucks County Pennsylvania. This is his story: "My parents picked their grave at that cemetery many years before I got mine and they suggested that I get one next to theirs, but I did not take them up on the suggestion.
Years later, after my parents were dead. I could no longer get a grave in the same section as them, but I got one in a nearby section, a few minutes walk away.
The reason my parents picked that cemetery was because THEIR parents were buried there.
Most of my aunts are also there, but not all of them. .
I always resented the fact that they picked that cemetery, because NO public transportation goes within a mile of that place, and I do not drive. So, I have to take an hour's bus ride, and then get off the bus and WALK a mile, in order
to get there, and then a mile back in order to get a bus home. When I  say "a bus" I am simplifying things. Actually I  have to take a series of buses."

I received an email from an  internet friend (who was also Jack's internet friend) that Jack Waite passed away on December 19, 2002
His obit appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer
Jack J. Waite
WAITE JACK J., of Mayfair, suddenly on Dec. 19, 2002; beloved son of the late John and the late Susan (nee Ulicsny) Waite; devoted brother of Peg Friedauer (Bill) and Bob Waite (Marsha); also survived nieces and nephews. Relatives and friends are invited to attend his Funeral Mass Tues. 10 A.M., St. Timothy Church, 3000 Levick St. Rite of Committa, Our Lady of Grace Cemetery. No Viewing Mon. evening. In lieu of flowers Contributions in his memory may be made to The American Cancer Society, 1626 Locust St, Phila PA 19103. JOHN F. FLUEHR & SONS, 215-624-5150
Published in the Philadelphia Inquirer/Philadelphia Daily News on 12/22/2002.

Click the link below to read Jack's final words to his Internet friends. His acceptance of his own end is remarkable.
CAUTION: There are some details that may offend people.  

Jack Waite's Final Words to his Internet Friends

Jack was an interesting man that had several encounters with celebrities through a job he once held at the Christophers in New York City. There he met Jeanette MacDonald, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Jack Dempsey.
Click on the link below to read each fascinating stories.

Jack Waite's Encounters with Celebrities

Here's A.J.Marik planted firmly on L.Frank Baum the writer of "The Wizard of Oz." He is located in Forest Lawn in Glendale, a cemetery that has a bad rap for harassing fellow grave hunters. A.J. however, has never had a problem there (hmmm, who does he know??? lol).
He chose this because, one, he's in it, and two, it was the very first one he remembers finding and recognizing it as an interred celebrity, which started the whole thing rolling....
To his credit he has submitted 2822 graves to the FindAGrave site.
If you would like to visit ALL his photos
click here
Jamie from the great website, The Mortician is posing with the first celebrity tombstone he discovered. It is of musician Roy Acuff who is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery located in Nashville, Tennessee. Another Celebrity buried there is Keith Whitley.
Well if I was giving out an award for the kookiest pic, it would certainly go to Anneabe and her friend Elliot (simply known as "E"). Here they are in the Beth El Cemetery in Queens, New York, trying to get a photo of
Edward G. Robinson Sr's crypt.
It looks as though they are using the "shade the mausoleum glass with an umbrella technique."  Many of the greatest photographer's throughout time  have used this method, achieving a quick boot out of the cemetery being photographed.
What's that I hear, yes, it's Edward G's body spinning in his grave.
Okay everyone, now is the time where I have to toot my own horn. Please forgive me this slight indiscretion. Without me, we all would still be looking in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for him. I had to beg a rather scary looking caretaker, that was missing fingers on his hands, for the location. And yes, I think I had to resort to the use of girlish tears to get my way. If it works for traffic tickets, it works for elusive graves as well.
These photos were donated by Alexander. Even though she is not in the photos they have a very interesting story behind them.  It's the grave of Julia Buccola Petta that is located in Mt. Carmel Catholic Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois. Apparently Julia died while giving birth at the age of 29. Her mother kept having dreams after her burial tha something was wrong. She got the cemetery to exhume her daughter's body and when they opened the coffin they noticed that Julia had not decayed at all after being buried for six years. Her family took a photo of her in her coffin and placed it on her tombstone.
It is rumored that a ghost of a young woman walks around the area of her grave.
This one also submitted by Alexander is of a woman holding a baby in her arms. She isn't sure where she found it however,  she finds it beautiful and at the same time heart breaking. She'd also like to think that perhaps her mourning husband (not  Alex's, the dead lady, duh) erected it in her honor.
Last but not least, Alex found this angel weeping over a tomb. She says, "How heart wrenching and touching to see asauch a beautiful angel of glory weeping and broken hearted by the death of a loved one. Perhaps she was the guardian angel of a mortal." This can be seen on her website Midnight Myst
in the section entitled Cemetery Angels.
This is Ally Wicker sitting on her favorite tombstone she jokingly calls Stalin. It is located in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  The thing that she likes best about this tombstone is the fact that it is a full sized guy. He looks as though he is having a good time with Ally, even if he is stoned.  Get it, stoned....oh well.
 Recently I visited Apple Valley, California. Who would go there and not pay a visit to Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.  I would have to say that it is my favorite grave for many reasons. One it's setting. Sunset Hills Memorial Park is nestled in the California Bullion mountians. Two, it is everything you would imagine a true cowboy's grave would be.
Believe it or not this is their entire grave complete with a small lake.
Here's me sitting near the lake with Roy and Dale in the background. The photographer is my 11 year old daughter Jackie.
My other two girls were trying to drown themselves in the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans lake. It is hard to strike a "sexy" pose while yelling at your kids.
Here's me again. See the little gate to my left, well on the floor there are two sets of horse shoes.
And on the outside wall near the gate  Roy had a psalm dedicated to his love Dale. It's weird that he died first and yet had that put up for her as if she had gone first.
Here are two photos of a sculpture of an eagle that is located in the middle of the lake. It looks like a Frederick Remington, but I'm not sure if it really is. Still I love it.
This view shows the entire grave in another way. See the bench in the middle? It is the future resting place for Alice Van Springsteen who was Dale Evans' double.  I guess Dale didn't want to do her stunts in the hereafter so she had Alice move in.
By the way, Alice is still alive so Dale will have to wait.
Here's a photo of the lake and grave as the sun is going down. A photographer's no no, never shoot into the sun.
I guess Roy and Dale were a celebrated couple in Apple Valley because they are making a "Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Sunset Chapel"
In case you wish to visit Roy and Dale here are the very easy directions:
From the I-15 get off at the Dale Evans Parkway (yes, you heard right)  exit. Take that to Waleew Road and make a left. Take Waleew Road all the way to the end and you will see the cemetery on your left. You CAN'T miss it.
As I was looking through some photos I came across an old photo. My FIRST gravehunters photo. It is taken approximately 1992 in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. The photo isn't really clear but it is the grave of Author Washington Irving.  The little girl is my daughter Jackie who is now 11 years. This is really a Golden Oldie.
Below is a photo of The Mortician, Jamie with his REAL favorite grave, the grave of Jim Varney. It is his favorite because it is in his home town. Jim Varney is buried in the Lexington Cemetery on 833 W. Main Street in Lexington, Kentucky. Jim is buried not far from a white arched bridge near his mother and father.
Here's Professor Kinema (nom de plume of Jim Knusch) at the grave of George Melies 1861-1938. He was known as THE cinema pioneer. He is buried at the family grave plot in Pere La Chaise Cemetery in Paris, France. You can visit the professor's site at
My first INTERNATIONAL tombstone in the "Me and My Favorite Tombstone" page.

Here is Joe from the webpage MrMurder . He is standing by a favorite of mine, Lucky Luciano's crypt.  Lucky was buried in St. John's Cemetery in Queens, New York.