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Your Morbid Curiosity Answered
I've decided to make this Q&A page to answer most of the questions I've been asked on a regular basis.

Q. So what kind of ghoul are you to have a site like this?

A. There is nothing ghoulish about writing about dead celebrities or anyone for that matter. If it were a ghoulish topic there would be no obituaries in newspapers and Entertainment Tonight, Biography and any other celebrity news venue would be out of business. It is nice to remember these celebrities in a positive way. They have worked very hard to become who they were, not to be forgotten.   

Q. Are ALL the photos on your site yours?

A. No. Many have been sent to me from people who visit my site. Those who send me photos are credited along with the posted pics.

Q. I have a photo of a celebrity and a favorite tombstone, how can I send it to you?

A. Email me and I'll give you an address where you can mail it. Or send it to me as an attachment. You send the pic, I'll write up the story. Not only that I'll credit you for your efforts.

Q. If I order a book on your site will you sign my copy?
A. YES. All books ordered from my site will be signed by me. Either that or you can catch me at a book signing.

Q. When is that book coming out!!!!
A. I just got word today (July 12) that it will be arriving on the shores of Los Angeles, August 16th.