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Hey I think we have a bit of an Elvis related controversy
Last week CNN and many other news sources announced that Al Dvorin, the
man who coined the phrase,
"Elvis has left the building.."
died in a car accident on August 23, 2004.
But on October 13, 2002  Horace Lee Logan passed away,
and he too they say, claimed the phrase.
Scroll down Elvis Presley's page to read up on both.
Then you decide.

Visit  Those Who Have Left Us In 2004, I need to update this but it's
still worth the visit
please correct me if I'm wrong or have left someone out.
Don't be afraid, I'm quite gracious about accepting criticism!
Email me:

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Could there be another calendar down the road????
Check out my new additions:

Marilyn's FBI file

and the   resting place of

Karen Carpenter!

Now available, is the Those Who Have Left Us In 2004
completed up to March and still adding new entries....
Keep safe and stay out of trouble guys! If you need an abogado be sure to look for Stephen Rodriguez.

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Check out my page Those Who Have Left Us in 2003
Per all of your requests!
Scroll all the way down for some   morbid curiosity fun!
See the new "Celebrity Grave Stories" in....
where else?
Berle, Massey, Brown, the O'Connors, Jim Morrison and Janis
 Rock Hudson, Bruce and Brandon Lee, Bobby Darin and Kurt Cobain on the way
Of course Rock and Bobby will be in the "Scattered But Not Forgotten...." page.
New additions:
Check out all the people who have passed away in
A great source of reference for all the morbidly
The Rat Pack and Andy Warhol
What a "cool" combination! Brought to you by the Penn Group ghostwriter service. If you need a ghost writer these guys are the ones to turn to.
Check out my NEW pages:
"Been There Done That"
"Scattered But Not Forgotten" featuring John Lennon as my first entry
"Morbid Curiosity Events Across America"

MORBID CURIOSITY: Celebrity Tombstones Across America!

Even celebrities love dress up games....
Here's Actress Lee Meriwether posing with me and her new book!
The creator of the book cover (Anne Parisi aka "Anneabe") and the creator of what's inside (me), sitting together at the Hollywood Underground Dinner Party. The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California - October 5, 2002.


Usually I don't put any dead non-celebrities on my site, but this time I'm going to make an exception.  Jack Waite was a man that was sick with cancer, after extensive surgery he thought he had beaten the big "C."  Unfortunately he was left with a malfunctioning body plagued with pain.  Perhaps this illness prompted him to look closely at his own mortality and he purchased his own tombstone.  After I added the "Me and my favorite tombstone" page he sent me three photos of his favorite tombstone, his own.  
Due to his illness he rarely left the house. His constant companion was his computer and the people he emailed. I was one of those people. However we lost touch when I changed internet providers. A mutual friend of ours, Lynn Brecka wrote me on Christmas Eve to tell me that he had passed.  As Jack was dying from a heart attack, he took the time to email all his friends to say goodbye.
I have chosen to add his obit to the page where his tombstones are and his good-bye letter and finally the three stories about Jack and his encounter with three celebrities: Jeanette MacDonald, Bing Crosby, and Boxer Jack Demsey.  I was really amazed at the Bing Crosby story. Good old Bing didn't seem to be the nicest man.
Read all about it in
Me and My Favorite Tombstone
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Check out my page Scattered But Not Forgotten....

John Winston Lennon
December 8th - The 23nd Anniversary of his Murder
Janis Joplin

"Celebrity Grave Stories"  
Has been updated
Check out:

 Lucille Ball
Milton Berle
Les Brown
Karen Carpenter  
Charlie Chaplin's son and Buckwheat
James Dean
The  Del Rubio Triplets
Morton Downey Jr.
Dale Evans
Richard Farnsworth
John  Gotti
Harry Houdini
Vince Guaraldi
 Meyer Lansky
Julie London
Raymond Massey
Marilyn Monroe
Jim Morrison
Carroll O'Connor and Hugh O'Connor
Papa John Phillips
        Elvis Presley
Mario Puzo
Claude Rains
Joey Ramone
The Rat Pack: Frank, Dean, Peter, and Sammy
Gene Siskel
Ann Sothern       
 Andy Warhol

Visit my "Me and My Favorite Tombstone" Page for something really different! New addition by  Clyde Chamberlin of "Solitude in Stone."

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The McCarthy Family Tombstone located in Long Branch, New Jersey
In Remembrance
John Joseph Gotti
October 27, 1940 - June 10, 2002
(Read John Gotti's Tribute on the Celebrity Grave Stories Page)

The King is Gone....
 But not Forgotten....
August 16th is the
25th Anniversary of the King's
(check out the "Celebrity Grave Stories" page to read about Elvis)
Does anyone know where the expression, "Elvis has left the building!" comes from
and who said it first?
Well just don't sit there find out!
Click below:
Karen Carpenter's story is so sad because she left us too early.
We will miss her beautiful voice.
Her epitaph says it all: "A Star on Earth - A Star in Heaven"
Check it out on my "Celebrity Grave Stories"
Check out her new grave!


Here's a tribute to the world's most favorite redhead....
Read Lucy's Tribute in the
"Celebrity Grave Stories" page.
** Lucy Update, check it out.**
Pay Tribute to Marilyn's 40th
Anniversary of her death on
August 5th, 11:00am at
Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles, California (See what happen that day at the
Morbid Curiosity Events Across America Page)
**Marilyn's Story Updated**
Visit Marilyn in the Celebrity Grave Stories Page.
This is the grave that prompted the idea for my book
Morbid Curiosity:Celebrity Tombstones Across America
Come Visit the James Dean Story on my "Celebrity Grave Stories" page.
Introducing the most flamboyant entertainer ever....
need I say more?
READ ALL ABOUT HIM IN THE "Celebrity Grave Stories" PAGE

Are you daring enough to read about
Harry Houdini?
(Read all about it in the Celebrity Grave Stories page)

Also is a new Vince Guarali grave photo donated by Roberta and  Del Rubio photos donated by Steve Goldstein.
I bet you thought I was going to overlook the Del Rubio sisters, no way!
Check them out on the "Celebrity Grave Stories" page....
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Fans!
Check out the "Me and My Favorite Tombstone" page to see the new photos I posted of Roy and Dale's graves.
Attention Joey Ramone fans!
It's finally here the tribute to Joey Ramone, complete with grave photos, obit and great directions! Remember you saw it here first!
Go to "Celebrity Grave Stories" for the scoop!
I want to thank The Mortician's web page  for  bestowing upon  my  site these  awards  for  providing  everyone  with  a  place  where  we  can all enjoy gravehunting. Once again thanks James  of The Mortician.
I would also like to thank Robyn from the Twilight Haven who bestowed the honor of giving my site these two Awards.
I have NEW information about Ann Sothern and Papa John. Just visit my "Celebrity Grave Stories" page. Anyone who has any photos, please feel free to donate them and I will give you full credit for your efforts.

Jerome "Curly" Howard
October 22, 1903 - January 18, 1952
He now resides at Home of Peace Memorial Park
Los Angeles
Specific Location:
Western Jewish Institute Section, Row 5, Grave 1
Just follow the Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk.

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